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Global seller registration

Global Seller Registration Process
  • 1 Submit Registration
    Fill in your data and agree to our Terms and Conditions
  • 2 Upload Document
    Upload all required documents :
    • Tax Registration Certificate (if you are individual seller, upload Passport copy)
    • USD Bank Account Passbook
  • 3 Data Verification and Document Evaluation
    Data verification and document evaluation
  • 4 Registration Completed
    Product registration and buying activity available

1 Seller Information

Please enter accurately your valid email address to be used as a permanent member ID.
Please use the representative email address of your company (e.g: Avoid using personal email address, as verification emails and all notifications related to your activities as a Buyer will be sent to this email.
Must between 6-15 character, combination of letter and digits. Case insensitive.
Input password one more time
Store name can't be change, do not use registered company/brand name. elevenia has the rights to remove or suspend your store if the original owner of the company/brand issued report.

2 Data of Person In Charge

Email that use to receive order notification and could be change on Seller Office
Choose category based on majority of products that you will sell. You will still able to post product for another category.

3 Bank Account

  • Only USD Bank Accounts
  • 20 digits
  • Seller Balance is a virtual account in elevenia, where the amount from settlement is accumulated. The accumulated amount can be withdrawn upon request, through transfer into the Bank Account details entered in this section.

4 Upload Document

Find file JPG/GIF, less than 2 MB

Find file JPG/GIF, less than 2 MB
Please input letter and digits as display in picture (without white-space).